School of Marxism at China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) was founded in June, 2005, its predecessor, Department of Marxist theory education of CUPL, was founded in 1985, and the Marxist Theory Teaching and Research Center was established in 2002.

School of Marxism has had 34 full-time teachers, including 7 professors, 21 associate professors, 26 teachers with PhD, 5 doctoral supervisors, 23 master tutors. The School has possessed 5 teaching and research institutions, including Institute of Basic Principles of Marxism, Institute of the Sinicization of Marxism and Contemporary China's Situations, Institute of Ideological and Political Education, Institute of Chinese Modern and Contemporary History, and Institute of the history of Marxism.

School of Marxism undertakes the teaching task of all ideological and political theory courses in the university, at the same time, uses the Marxist theory cultivating Bachelor, master, and doctoral professionals. It was granted to have the right to confer the first-class discipline doctor degree of Marxist theory in 2011. There are 1 ideological and political education undergraduate major, 7 master's degree grant points including the basic principles of Marxism, the history of Marxism, the sinicization of Marxism, the ideological and political education, the foreign Marxism, the Chinese modern and contemporary history, and the history of the Communist Party of China. It has 4 subjects for the education of doctoral degrees, including the basic principles of Marxism, the sinicization of Marxism, the ideological and political education, and the foreign Marxism. Among them, the sinicization of Marxism and the basic principles of Marxism are the key disciplines of Beijing city, the ideological and political education and foreign Marxism are the key disciplines of the university. The school has a post-doctoral research station.

The school has a qualified teacher group, which has an excellent academic level and diligent dedication. Since 2005, it has successfully accomplished a number of national social science fund projects, the Ministry of Education humanities and social science fund projects, the national education science key projects, the Beijing philosophy and social science fund projects, the Beijing teaching staff research projects, the Beijing fine teaching material projects, etc.

The school has achieved a lot of outstanding achievements in the aspects of course construction and the characteristics of ideological and political theory teaching.  Besides, many teachers have been awarded for their excellent performance in these professional skills competition of Beijing City.

The teachers and students of school of Marxism are working together to explore the quality education and the construction of characteristic mechanism of the cultivation of inter-disciplinary talents. The school also attaches great importance to the employment of students, and the employment rate is maintained at a high level.



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